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Cash For Junk Cars Seattle

Junk Car Boys was founded by two brothers in Portland, Oregon. The brothers were born in Chicago, IL but moved to the west coast at a young age. They were raised in a family that always drove junk cars, so they learned about the problems that come with them. Once a vehicle broke down, their parents never bothered fixing it. Instead the vehicle would be left on the side of the driveway, and their father always saying he would fix it. Never once was a car fixed. This obviously, was a problem, and so the brothers made Junk Car Boys for the solution.

Today they are a national corporation with buying locations in every major city of the USA. They currently can service over 90% of the United States. Selling your unwanted vehicle is now the easiest thing that you can do. Shortly after starting up, the oldest brother had just gotten laid off from his job, so they were able to bring him on which was almost a miracle in itself.

Give the Junk Car Boys a chance to earn your business. They are very big on Customer Service, and will make sure you experience is the absolute best.

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